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drum_and_bass's Journal

drum and bass
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The official Drum and Bass community on Livejournal.

Quick Stats
Date Created: 07-11-2003
Members to Date: 553
Join URL: http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=drum_and_bass.
Created, Moderated and Maintained by: missfortune

This is an open community for all enthusiasts of drum and bass, both new and old. DJ's, promoters, producers, photographers, mc's, junglists, purists, the raving crew, the whistle crew and the horn crew....you are all welcome here. Everyone is welcome to join, post or get involved in discussions. If you are planning on joining us, the link to do so is above in the quick stats section. Please take a second to review the rules of the community.

Posting of Flyers, Artwork etc.
!-If you are going to post a large flyer, artwork, photograph PLEASE place them behind a livejournal cut. For instructions follow this link.If you fail to do so, your post will be subsequently deleted without warning. Multiple offenses will lead to me using the ban hammer on your ass.

Shit that will get your ass bant
In addition to the rules of posting flyers and artwork, there are a few more things that will get you banned from the community...here they are.

!-Any instances of trolling, starting shit, being unnecessarily rude to other posters will also result in a ban, no questions asked. keep the drama to your personal journals.

!-Posting of any freeipod.com, freedigitalcameras.com, freewhateverthefuck.com posts. I won't even hesitate to ban you because no, noone wants to help you get one.

How do I get my mix hosted as The Featured Mix?
You can either email me or im me and ask! Your mix must be hosted and on a public place so memebers [and anyone else] can tune in or download. Include a tracklisting, contact info and a short bio [optional] and the url to the mix.

How do I get intouch with the Maintainer of the Community?
You can im me on AOL Instant Messenger on: Rewind WSIN
You can email me at uriela at gmail dot com
You can drop me a comment on missfortune

How do I get my website added to the community link list?
Get in touch with me via one of the ways above and give me the url. Sorry, but only drum and bass related links will be added.

If you have any questions about the community or it's contents please feel free to contact missfortune.